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Selina Li

Women of STEM Scholarship Winner

Award Date:

March 15, 2023

STEM Interests

Will be studying a Bachelor of Engineering at UNSW

Will be studying a Bachelor of Computer Science

A Bit About Me

  • I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) / science (computer science) at UNSW.

  • Due to being a permanent resident I cannot get HECS-HELP, so I have to pay for my studies upfront.

  • Throughout my schooling I worked up to 19 hours weekly to help support my family business.

  • After school I helped others in a study club with their STEM related homework and assignments.

  • During the HSC I volunteered as a reader to help support other students.

  • I did piano lessons during lunch because I didn’t have time outside of school due to work and studying. 

  • In senior schooling I was the only female in my physics class.

Questions and Answers

Tell us about someone who inspires you and why

How did you become interested in STEM?

What are you most looking forward to about studying STEM at university?

How will the Women of STEM Scholarship assist you?

While my parents worked relentlessly, the value of commitment and perseverance echoed in all aspects of my life. Their sacrifices and determination to secure a brighter future despite facing language barriers and cultural differences as immigrants have reshaped my perspective on the world, inspiring me to appreciate and embrace all available opportunities and freedoms. They’ve influenced me to be proactive and value my purpose and journey rather than the outcome in the face of adversity.

Immigrating across the ocean from a city populated by 3 million people to a rural town of 1000 in 2011, I found STEM to be the universal language that transcends cultural, geographical and linguistic barriers. The process and creativity to progress from problem to solution while using logic to navigate a tangle of constraints is both stimulating and rewarding.

I anticipate an intellectually challenging and rewarding experience in university with the opportunity to enhance my analytical skills, encourage creative thinking and explore approaches to solve complex problems,  making positive and lasting impacts on society by collaborating alongside like-minded peers. I’m excited to engage in hands-on learning experiences that translate concepts into practical research and projects.

The scholarship would be integral to my academic pursuits and passion, assisting in alleviating financial burdens, encouraging internship opportunities, community involvement and the impacts I instigate in the present and future. With the opportunity to become part of the ACS Foundation to network and meet like-minded people, the support of the scholarship will also extend beyond my education to the industry and my future career.

What job do you hope to pursue after graduating from university?

I’m compelled by the appeal of a challenging career where I am awarded the opportunity to theoretically solve problems and practically apply solutions in a way that maximises the benefit to society with minimum impact on the environment. My goal is to confront the demands of the future by contributing to the widespread integration of sustainable buildings and efficient infrastructures.

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