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Environmental Scientist

Taryn Ortinger

Women of STEM - Award Recipient

About Taryn

“I have always loved being outdoors and my passion for the environment and conservation has only grown since moving out of home. Growing up on a hobby farm outside a small rural town, I loved the wide-open spaces and rustic scenery. However, since moving to Port Macquarie for my studies, I have also grown to love the coastal atmosphere and lifestyle.   I intend to move back to the country once I finish my studies and hopefully work in the environmental industry for many years to come. I have always been interested in the more scientific aspect of conservation.   I am very grateful for the broad scope of my current degree as it opens many different career pathways and opportunities. However, since moving out of home and into a share house it has been challenging trying to support myself with the rising costs of living. The money from this scholarship is an incredible blessing that will greatly help me with the costs of living while studying full time. I am also currently saving up with hopes of attending an international study experience or short-term international program through CSU. This money will be extremely beneficial in helping me to reach my goal. I believe that an overseas travel and study experience will allow me to immerse myself in another culture while also gaining invaluable insight into real-word conservation efforts around the globe.”

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