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Yaxin Wu Receives the Women of STEM scholarship

I’m endlessly grateful for the support I have received through this scholarship. During the year, I didn’t feel the pressure of having to juggle a part-time job alongside my studies, so I was able to use this time to work on my programming skills, and I ended up securing a 3-month software engineering internship at Atlassian, and I am currently working there this summer. The scholarship also allowed me to fly back to Adelaide to visit my family and friends during the uni breaks, which was amazing. Thank you so much for everything – I have really enjoyed my first year of computer science and am excited to see what next year brings!


Selina Li Receives the Women of STEM scholarship

The Women of STEM Scholarship has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of my studies, serving as both a motivator and a gateway to new opportunities. The financial support provided by the scholarship has alleviated some of the financial burdens associated with my education, allowing me to concentrate on my studies and academic pursuits fully. However, beyond just financial assistance, the scholarship has been an immense source of motivation for me. Beyond the classroom, the scholarship has empowered me to engage with my university community actively. I have taken on leadership roles in student societies, where I can share my experiences and insights, contributing to the collective growth of knowledge and inspiring others to pursue careers in STEM. As I reflect on the past year, the Women of STEM Scholarship has been a guiding force, shaping my academic pursuits and propelling me toward a future where I can make meaningful contributions to the field.


Maya Taib receives the Women of STEM scholarship

This year, I have taken the opportunity to participate in volunteering trips with the ANU Intrepid Landcare society, working with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to conduct fieldwork for the conservation of Long-Footed Potoroos in South East Forest National Park, as well as planting trees to provide habitat for Superb Parrots at Moorlands Biodynamic Farm near Gunning. The Women of STEM Scholarship has provided me with financial support for travel costs for these invaluable experiences. In 2024, I am hoping to participate in a summer research program at ANU or another institution, and the scholarship will help immensely with accommodation and other costs. In the future, I am also looking to do overseas fieldwork as part of the coursework for my degree, which the scholarship will help make possible.

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