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This scholarship will be offered to young women aged 18-20 who are studying a degree in a STEM related field. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide the chosen applicants with financial aid to be used for general living expenses, course expenses, textbooks, extracurricular or any additional education. The recipient must be actively enrolled and studying during the duration of the scholarship.

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The awarded scholarship will amount to $5,000 per year and will continue to be paid each year the recipient continues to study provided they maintain a credit average. This time period is dependent on the student's degree length however it will not exceed more than five years. The amount will be paid fortnightly.

Young Women with Backpacks


The recipient must be a female who is actively studying a STEM related degree. The recipient will be between 17-20 years old and be either 1 year away from commencing or having started the related degree. They must continue to study a related degree to remain eligible throughout the duration of the scholarship. They should also be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. The applicant should meet the required academic standards and have extra circular or community involvement which demonstrates their passion or interest in STEM.

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Applicant's will apply through an application form hosted by ACS Foundation. This will be a written application which will require a submission of their resume, recent university transcript, a passport or birth certificate and a cover letter which entails the applicants suitability for the scholarship, dreams and aspirations, career goals, and intended use of the funds. 


The next application stage requires an in person interview. Recipients will become life time members of ACS and the Young Women Scholarship Initiative. After recipients graduate they can choose to serve on the Interview board to interview future recipients. There should be no familiar relationships between interviewers / initiatives associates and the recipients.

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the Women of STEM Scholarships are to provide financial support to young women as they study a degree, in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.   For the purposes of this scholarship, the scope of STEM is defined as degrees within the following discipline categories: SCIENCE: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and Environmental Science TECHNOLOGY: Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Disciplines ENGINEERING: Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Civil and Robotic Engineering MATHEMATICS: Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analytics If you are unsure if your degree fits one of the above disciplines, please contact us. The application process sets out the entry terms, assessment conditions and timeframes.   It is expected that the scholarship payments will help fund or offset the costs of tuition, resources or access to the related study program.  To maintain the scholarship payment, students must continue to be enrolled in the same degree program they selected when being awarded the scholarship. They must maintain a full-time study load, as defined by the university, and maintain at least a credit average in their study results.  The amount of the scholarship will be AUD$5,000 per year up to a maximum of 5 years or AUD$25,000. The scholarship payment will be transferred every 3 months into the scholarship holders nominated bank account in equal instalment amounts. As the ACS Foundation is a registered charity and deductible gift recipient, no PAYG or tax will be withheld from the scholarship payment. Whether the scholarship payment is counted for income tax or Centrelink payments purposes depends on the recipient's individual's overall circumstances and should be researched with the ATO and Centrelink directly.  Scholarship holders will receive a certificate, a presentation ceremony (if available), and a profile page on the Women of STEM website.  Scholarship holders will receive complementary Australian Computer Society student membership for the life of their scholarship.  It is expected that scholarship holders will continue to support and be positive ambassadors for the advancement of Women in STEM in Australia.

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