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Ellie Doyle

Women of STEM Scholarship Winner

Award Date:

March 21, 2024

STEM Interests

Currently studying a Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) at UTS

A Bit About Me

  • I am currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) at UTS

  • I have taken Computer Science as this course covers my interest areas in STEM of mathematics and physics, with varying pathway majors to support my career choices, which currently fall into Cyber Security.

  • I’m fascinated to learn how to reduce the criminology behind Cyber-attacks on Australians to provide a safer cyber environment.

  • My interest in STEM commenced when I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by both Rotary Gosford (NSW) and National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) to attend a two-week STEM program in January 2022, that connected youth with diverse science and technology pathways.

  • My interests include: Skiing, Hockey, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Cooking, Music, STEM Subjects

Questions and Answers

Tell us about someone who inspires you and why

How did you become interested in STEM?

What are you most looking forward to about studying STEM at university?

How will the Women of STEM Scholarship assist you?

I was inspired by my year 12 school teachers in STEM, particularly Mrs Riley for Extension Maths and Mr Hamerton for Physics. These subjects were the foundation and path to my interests in Computer Science and solving the forensics and criminology behind Cyber Security, an area I look to explore further in my studies at UTS. Both teachers provided extensive support in such challenging subject matter and believed in me personally to succeed. Their backing was my inspiration.

I have always had a facination for solving crime via forensics, and when speaking to a university professor at an open day at UTS, they suggested Forensic Science was evolving further in the digital world, this is when I was introduced to Cyber Security and Data Science.

I attended lectures at the open day and found all the subject matter of interest, particularly as the foundation included maths and physics. I'm still exploring STEM further through my degree with an interest in Quantum Computing and AI, which was introduced to me when I attended the National Youth Science Forum back in year 11, this experience also contributed to my pathway in STEM study and exploration.

I'm most looking forward to studying the methodology behind Computer Science mixed with the physics and mathematics contributing to the discovery and outcomes of each subject matter the course can offer. I'm leaning towards a major in Cyber Security or Quantam Computing which I will decide further upon after having more experience in learning more about each subject during my early years.

I'm commuting from the Central Coast to UTS on the days I attend University, and that can be a challenge when opportunities, after hours, exist to engage further in University life both socially and educationally. The scholarship will assist me to stay nearby the campus and further engage in opportunities that will enhance my career options.

I have already participated at the Big Day In IT Careers Conference at UTS, when I was awarded the scholarship, and as an outcome during the networking session, I met with an industry representative at Microsoft, who has personally invited me to spend some time learning about the industry behind the scenes at Microsoft. These are relationships and contacts that I would never had access to without the scholarship award, for which I'm very thankful.

What job do you hope to pursue after graduating from university?

I'm leaning towards Cyber Security, as I have an interest for problem solving, be it via physics or maths. This subject matter combined with my interest in forensics linked with digital crime, facinates me to learn more whilst enjoying what I'm pursuing. This industry also opens doors globally, which I plan to explore with exchange and through my connections made UTS and via the scholarship, which has already seen me connect with Microsoft and other exciting companies that will be linked with my studies.

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