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Emelia Naumov

Women of STEM Scholarship Winner

Award Date:

May 25, 2024

STEM Interests

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science: Double Major in Marine Systems and Earth and Environmental Systems at Southern Cross University: The National Marine Science Centre

A Bit About Me

I grew up in the rainforest hinterlands and coastal areas of NSW, where I've experienced a variety of stunning ecosystems such as wetlands and waterfalls. These adventures inspire my creativity for artistic endeavours and for approaching problem-solving innovatively. Hence, I recognise creativity is key to designing effective science-communication tools and seeing the world with a unique perspective. During the National-Youth-Science-Forum I explored micropaleontology and created a COSMOS-NextGen Podcast on Marine Microbes. Upon commencing my science degree, I started hosting a podcast-channel and on-air radio show called 'Exploring Ecospheres' to inform and inspire the community about the fascinating world of STEM.

Questions and Answers

Tell us about someone who inspires you and why

How did you become interested in STEM?

What are you most looking forward to about studying STEM at university?

How will the Women of STEM Scholarship assist you?

I am inspired by various science communicators including palaeobotanist Dr Mary E. White and naturalist Sir David Attenborough. I personally knew Dr White, who wrote several scientific books and talked about how micro-fossils reveal Earth's history and studied Earth's climatic future. I've always watched Sir Attenborough's documentaries and been inspired by the way he presents science whilst being out in the field, inspiring the world to appreciate, understand and explore the natural world.

I started a prominent journey in STEM when I was aged 10 and came across an Hour of Code in Khan Academy, a javascript programming course, and I really enjoyed it! I found it monumental to start with a blank page and use text to create anything like shapes, buttons, animations and entire video-games. I discovered that programming is a fundamental STEM skill for robotics, drones, websites and game-development. I later challenged myself to try a Marine Biology elective to experience the underwater realm. I specialised in Marine Micro-organisms, the Abyss and Deep Sea Ecosystems, sparking my fascination for ecology!

Upon commencing a Bachelor of Science: Double Major in Marine Systems and Earth and Environmental Systems, I'm excited to explore a variety of complex ecosystems through balancing fieldwork, lab sessions, report writing and communication. I'd like to synthesise my skills in sound engineering, public speaking and design to create unique scientific presentations throughout the coursework. I'm also excited to learn new skills including drone operation for LiDAR, 3D habitat mapping and spatial analysis. I further look forward to investigating how innovation through green infrastructure and technology can positively contribute to environmental impacts.

The Women of STEM Scholarship Program will provide me with a network, platform and resources to further develop my scientific skills and make a meaningful impact in the field of STEM. This scholarship award will significantly support my studies during financial hardship and help me to overcome adverse circumstances. The funding will also support my participation in conferences, career expos and networking programs to ignite my future. I am excited about joining this community of innovators and contributing to the advancement of science and technology in the fields of ecology and science communication.

What job do you hope to pursue after graduating from university?

I am pursuing a dynamic STEM career as both a Science Communicator and a Field Scientist as a Microbial Ecologist. I intend to specialise in 'blue carbon' ecosystems, which are crucial in climate-change mitigation. This would involve conducting research and remediation for wetlands as vital ecosystems for Earth’s biological processes, oxygen-production and biodiversity. I plan to combine my skills in Game Design and Software Technology with acquired knowledge in Science to create interactive eLearning-resources. In the future, I aim to build a Biodiversity Centre to run conservation programs, scientific research and provide ecological education for the wider community.

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